Captain’ Cook

Team : Anthony Martinez – Manager / Olivier Janin and James Van Der Straeten – Developers / François Cardin, Hugo Barthouil and Andriana Portailler – Graphic Design – Alizée Mialane – UX Design / Alexandra Sanchez and Me – Game Designers
Development Time : Five Months
Engine : Unity (Kinect V2 Libraries)
Type : Cooking

Become the greatest chef of all the seas, show your skills in cooking to the world by beating Gordon Rumsea, and earn the title of Captain’ Cook ! In this game, you are a pirate chef, and you will have to create and cook the greatest recipes, in order to please your crew… And the crew of your enemies ! Fighters will join the side of a cook, depending on their own taste.

And as you are a pirate, you will have to stay with your crew during lifetimes. As a friend, you may have to massage them with your rolling pin. As a rival, you will have to show that you are better than them. As a apprentice, you will have to learn from your masters !

This prototype has been designed for the Kinect V2 and XBox One.



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