Call Of Selfies : Photobombing Warfare

Team : Alizée Mialane, Nils Chertier, Francis Vachette and Me – Game Designers
Development Time : Four Days
Engine : IRL !
Type : Selfie and Photobombing Deathmatch

Call Of Selfies is a game that has been designed for the official opening of the new ENJMIN school building. The game can be played by anyone attending this event, as long as they own a smartphone, with a QR Code Reader and a Camera.

We put a lot of QR Code everywhere in the building, available to everyone. Once scanned, these QR Code redirect the players on a URL showing a selfie, taken somewhere in the building. They will then have to take the same picture, and try to avoid being photobombed by other players.

You can check the official rules of the game by clicking here :

Q- IMG_2020


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