Team : Romain Vivier – Programmer / Andriana Portailler and Valentin Vigneron – 2D and 3D Artist / Martin Chartier – Sound Designer / Lucie Clauss and Me – Game  Designers
Development Time : Five Months
Engine : Unity
Type : Platformer

Wooly is a 3D platformer game realized to be played on Android tablets thanks to touch controls. This game has been nominated for the NovaPlay. The game takes place in a strange voodoo and childish environment, in which Mawu, the main voodoo god, reigns.

The player embodies the spirit of Oscar, an eight year old rude boy, transfered in a Voodoo Doll. Mawu challenges you to get past the obstacles staying alive. To do this, you will have to manage your wool quantity, because you will have to hang on your own wool to get past ravines and sharp cuts.

You can access the devblog here.

You can download the game here :
APK version for Android Devices (Tested on Nexus 7 and Nexus 10)



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