Beam Gleam

Beam Gleam
Team : Lilian Gimenez – Programmer / Laura Saada – Manager / Alizée Mialane – 2D Artist and Ergonomist / Francis Vachette – Sound Designer / Gwenaelle Le Goff and Me – Game Designers
Development Time : Three Months
Engine : HomeMade Engine on C++ / SFML Library
Type : Shoot Them Up

Beam Gleam is a Shoot Them Up game wanted to be played on an arcade. The main particularity of the game is that the main warship cannot fire. Instead of killing your enemies by firing on them, you will have to control an eight-direction mirror in order to reflect lasers.

Of course, you are still vulnerable to bullets. You will have to place your ship at the right place to reflect the lasers AND to avoid bullets. The game takes place in a SteamPunk universe, on a low screen resolution, and a pixel art style.

You can access to the written walkthrough by clicking here :





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